Learn this natural soft-glam makeup look in 5 easy-to-follow steps (even if you're just a beginner)!


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The Skin Perfection Masterclass is perfect for you if ...

You want to learn to do your own makeup but you don't know where to start.

You constantly buy makeup products but have no idea how to apply them correctly, so they are just "sitting there".

You have an idea of how to do your makeup but want to learn how to sharpen your makeup technique.

You want to learn the best makeup tips directly from a Pro instead of getting confused watching videos on Youtube.

You want to have lifetime access to an eye-catching makeup look at your fingertips that will work for any special event.

You want to learn how to recreate a soft-glam makeup look in the comfort of your home.

Allow me to show you STEP-BY-STEP how to correctly:

  • PREP YOUR SKIN FOR MAKEUP - to achieve that skin-like glow
  • APPLY YOUR FOUNDATION - to get that super smooth and blended end result
  • CONCEAL & CONTOUR THE FACE - to define your special facial features
  • SET YOUR MAKEUP WITH POWDERS - to have your makeup last all-day
  • MAP YOUR BROWS - to get the perfect brow shape
  • APPLY YOUR EYESHADOW & STRIP LASHES - to make your eyes the center of attention
  • APPLY GLOWING HIGHLIGHT, BLUSH & CONTOUR - to your cheeks for a beautiful flush of color to the face

... and much more!

I want to ensure that you are able to master your makeup after this class, so...

Here are the bonuses you will get when you sign up!


Everyone who signs up will receive a recording of the full masterclass replay and it will be yours to have on-demand for a lifetime.


You also get the full product list of the makeup I used during the demo. So you never have to guess what should be in your makeup bag ever again.


If you are new to makeup, this one's for you. I walk you through the important tools and brushes you could use to enhance your makeup routine by showing you a complete natural/soft glam look.


Inside this exclusive classroom, you will have lifetime access to me, where I will answer your questions and provide the feedback you may need to grow as you practice!


Total Value : US$165.00 or JA$24,750.00

You only pay: US$50.00 (PayPal/Scotiabank) or JA$6,800.00 (Scotiabank)

Receive 75% off today

Email me at imagemua@gmail.com for the Scotiabank details.

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Q: When can I start learning?

A: This (pre-recorded) online course is available to you immediately upon purchase, so you can start learning now.

Q: Can this masterclass work for a beginner who is trying to improve on my technique?

A: Yup, It sure can! I also explain the reasons behind each step and give extra tips in each of the 5 segments. A discussion section is in the group for if you should have any further questions. I can't wait to help you.

Q: How long is one session and how are the 5 parts divided?

A: The timeline for each video demo ranges from 5 minutes to 15 minutes and are divided into categories of:

1. Skin Prep (5 minutes)

2. Complexion (15 minutes)

3. Powder and brows (13 minutes)

4. Eyes and lashes (16 minutes)

5. Face and lips (11 minutes)

Q: Do I need to go makeup shopping first?

A: No. Use what you have now and grow along the way. I encourage you to watch the video to see what items are missing in your makeup bag, then slowly build via the makeup product list provided in the group. 

Q: What's the cost of this online course?

A: The cost is US$165 or JM$23,000 but you can get access today for only US$50/JM$7,500 (75% off).

Q: How soon after purchase will I receive my classroom access link?

A: You will have IMMEDIATE access to everything mentioned above and it will be yours for a lifetime.

Q: Can other makeup artists learn from this online class too?

A: Of course! As an individual who grows by learning from others, I would love to inspire and give other MUA's with the insight I have gotten over the past 10 years in the industry. Through the tips given in the video, you will also discover how to explain things to your clients as well!

Q: Is this a certificate-based class?

A: I decided against a certificate-based program because this class was made for you to develop your personal skills in makeup application.

Q: If I don't have PayPal, how else can I pay using the Jamaican currency?

A: I accept direct deposit through Scotia bank. Feel free to email me at imagemua@gmail.com or send a DM to my Instagram account @kimberlypattersonbeauty for the banking details.  


My Story: "As a woman living in a tropical country (Jamaica) who struggled with acne, and acne scars for many years, I realized how insecure and self-conscious those imperfections made me feel. It was through my trials, errors, and personal experiences that I have gained insight on how to consistently achieve a lightweight makeup look that allowed for my skin to breathe and my makeup to look flawless and last all day! I want to share these beauty secrets with you as I believe that you should have direct access to an easy to follow makeup routine that is effective."



Here are a few testimonials of students who are members of the Skin Perfection Classroom:

  • "I have tried an abbreviated version of this look and got so many compliments already! My skin didn't start shining as it used to and it's the same infallible loreal makeup." - Roshene
  • “I’ve only viewed the first module so far and already I’m so pleased with how my makeup looks. I could seriously listen to you all day and you make it so easy to understand exactly what you’re teaching, especially for someone who is not a makeup guru. With just a few tweaks, I’ve upped my makeup game, without having to buy new products!!! You’re a gem!” - Nicole
  • “Kimberly’s tutorials are so helpful. The steps are easy to follow and she provides an extensive list of items that she recommends/uses. You need to sign up now.” - Nichelle
  • “Gorgeous. I will certainly be following these steps (which I wrote down) to obtain these looks. I've never been into lashes but may just make it a staple in my routine.” - Balmar
  • "I'm so impressed as to how easy the classes are to follow. My advice to you is to take someone one day when you’re at home with nothing to do and watch and practice you'll have so much fun!!” - Sara
  • “Kimberly’s class has made me more comfortable and confident with my makeup application. I’m now often approached by individuals inquiring about my makeup and skincare application. Thanks to Kimberly, I’m always flawless and beautiful.” - Melissa
  • “Really enjoyed the masterclass videos. The inflections in your voice make learning fun and easy. I felt like it was someone I know walking me through the process. Thank you for your warm personality and professionalism.” - Trudy
  • “This technique is winning! I can’t wait to experiment with some new eyeshadow palettes.” - Clara

Are you ready to master your makeup look?

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